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Team Profit Builder

Welcome to TPB

Team Profit Builder has been years in the making. We offer a unique 2x25 team and position forced matrix. Our 300 day ad pack is a one time purchase of just 10 XRP, which is less than $6 at the time of our launch. You will receive banner, text and login ad credits plus a new position into the matrix every 3 days for 100 days. When you signup you will receive a free position in to the 2x25 under your sponsor. Each time you receive a new position you will follow your original position that was given to you when you started. This allows you to help your sponsor, your own positions as well as your downline via spillover. We have everything to help you succeed and look forward to seeing you in our members area.
Team Profit Builder

Our Unique Way To
Build Profits

Fast Start Bonus

Earn 20% or 2 XRP for every referral who purchases a 300 days advertising package for just 10 XRP..

Unique 2x25 Matrix

Receive 1 new position every 3 days under your original positon when you purchase a 300 day advertising package for just 10 XRP.

Direct Matching Bonus

Earn 50% matching bonuses on all of your referrals matrix earnings. If your referral has 200 position, earn 50% match from all positions each day.
TPB Main Features

We Offer Many Great Features That Includes

Fast Start Bonus.

Earn 20% or 2 XRP on each 300 day advertising package you sell to your direct referrals.

Pay It Forward

Paying it to your referrals hasn't been easier. PIF any direct referral for just 5 XRP. This will give them 50 positions over the next 300 days.

Unlimited 50% Match

Receive 50% match on every position your referral has. That is a potential match on 100 positions minimum over the next year,

Unique Matrix.

Our Matrix is built to help you, your sponsor and your downline by providing a new position under your original position on each purchase.

Compensation Plan

As you can see, our pay plan is not complicated. You get two referrals, who in return get two referrals. Our slogan is Earn 500k XRP in 25 weeks. This is based on you getting your first two referrals in the first week. And then your referrals duplicating the process down 25 levels. This doesn't take into account all the new positions that will be created by your advertising packages as well as your downlines purchases. Adding the new positions under your top position will help you and your downlien achieve this goal faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Team Profit Builder is a platform that sells banner, text and login advertising. We reward our affiliates by paying them through a 2x25 structure in XRP.

Team Profit Builder compensation plan works like this: When you first signup, you will receive a free position under your sponsor. Your initial purchase is a 100 day sub spread out over 300 days that cost just 10 XRP. Once you have purchased your advertising package(s), your postiions will follow the very first position you received when you signed up. Every 3 days you will receive a new position under that original position. When your referrals signup their free position will follow your original position and then their purchases will follow their original position. On top of your matrix commissions, you will also earn a 50% matching bonus on all of your referrals matrix commissions, ALL OF THEM.

Yes, you may pay it forward to any of your direct referrals for 5 XRP. This will give them a 50 day advertising package to try out the program. They will receive a new position every 6 days for 300 days. This is a total of 50 positions you will be paying for them. You pay PIF any member as many times as you wish. You will earn a 50% matching bonus on all of their matrix earnings.

The minimum deposit amount is just 10 XRP. There is a 7% deposit fee. We do recommend depositing more than 10XRP so you can stack positions under your original position before promoting. The minimum Withdrawal amount is 20 XRP. There is a 2 XRP fee that will be assesed after you submit your withdawal. Once you submit a deposit, our system will check the network fees and you will be given the final amount to pay for your deposit. You must have either purchased or been PIFfed an advertising package in order to withdraw.

You will receive 300 Login ad credits when you purchase the Team Profit Builder advertising package. You will receive 100 banner and text ad credits for each position that is received from your advertising package.

All of our commissions are in XRP, but we also accept LTC, TRON, and ETH. These are the coins we have experienced with the lowest fees.